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Archangel Soft Debossed Solid Bath Mat Rug With Latex Backing

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Archangel Ultra Soft Rectangular Debossed Solid Bath Rug that features Softness & Super absorbent mat

  • Surely upgrade your Bathroom for a great value on very affordable price
  • Fast drying performance mat perfect for long stand-in & avoid stepping on a cold freezing tiles
  • Fabric Type: 100% Cotton Fiber with a non-slip latex backing for your protection.
  • Available Size : 21″x32″, 24″x40″, 24″x60″
  • Available Color : Black, Blue, Burgundy, Ivory, Tan 
  • Machine washable Cold, Tumble Dry with Low Heat & Do not Bleach



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Good addition and surely upgrade your Bathroom for this ultra-thick Archangel Solid Bathroom Rug. This rug will brings you comfort & and ease on your daily routine, with a fast drying performance super absorbent microfiber and with smooth touch filling. It features Rectangular Debossed Solid Rug Mat with a non-slip latex backing for your protection. A thick cotton fiber that’s perfect for a long hour’s stand-in & avoid stepping in on a cold freezing tiles.

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21×32, 24×40, 24×60


Black, Blue, Burgundy, Ivory, Tan


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