Unisex Arctic Cool Ultra Light Instant Cooling Towel Active Wear Sealed 2-pack

  • $14.50


These Arctic Cool Cooling Towels are just what you need on a hot day or during a really intense workout. They're durable and lightweight to be comfortable. These towels feature HydroFreeze Technology which allows them to cool you off instantly. They're simple to use by just wetting them. These fitness supplies are easy to carry with you to the gym. They're made with high-performance mesh that absorbs moisture when dry and will also stay cool for up to two hours.

  • Ultralight performance enhancing mesh fabric construction
  • High-performance mesh absorbs moisture when dry
  • Just wet towels for the cooling effect to begin
  • Cools to 30 degrees below body temperature
  • Towels keep cool for up to 2 hours
  • Balanced evaporation rate helps fight heat and fatigue
  • Package Includes: Sealed 2 pack of Artic Cooling Towel
  • Durable and easy to clean. Machine washable