[Adult] Wise Clean Korean Premium White Mask Made in Korea 10 pcs

    • 🛡️ OUTSTANDING QUALITY - Lightweight and comfortable / soft and comfortable texture Easier breathing with 4 layer  filte, adjustable noseclip for custom and secure seal

    • 🛡️ Protects the patients from the exhaled microorganisms from the healthcare provider Premium 4 layered Filters Respiratory protection against certain airborne particle contaminants such as yellow dust, fine dust, and biological particles such as bacteria and viruses

    • 🛡️ GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high quality MB filer: Advanced electret filters using a quadruple filtration system and innovative Melt-Blown techniques block up to very small particles

    • 🛡️ Comfortable feeling with stable nose support Does not touch lips with 3D Wide filter area Anti-fog / Anti-slip

    • 🛡️ Made in South KOREA