Adjustable Lanyard Necklace Face Mask Holder with Lobster Claw Clasps Pack of 12

  • $14.99
  • $18.99

    • Adjustable Lanyard Necklace Face Mask Holder is the perfect way to store and secure your Mask from any harmful particle.

    • Mask Holder will give a lot of benefits for you to make you life easier and avoid putting mask on a certain place in a contaminated areas.

    • Avoid discomfort on wearing your mask on the chin once in a while and don't let your mask elastic loops being stretch out, mask should be fitted all the on your face to be protected.

    • Make this a habit to wear your mask all the time especially on a crowded place and when outside. Mask lanyard holder will help you to stay intact with your mask by hanging them on this necklace.

    • Putting mask far aside to your pocket, purse or somewhere else is very inconvenient on your part when you don't need it, this Lanyard necklace Mask folder is simply the answer just hang them on and grab it when you need it.