Care On KF94 Meltblown 4-Layers Filter Adult Safety Face Mask

    • ⛑ Care On mask blocks over 94% of the fine particles, it can protect your respiratory system form particulate matter and source of infection such as yellow dust and fine dust.
    •  ⛑ 4 layer mask gives more protection, uses a high quality ultrafine filter fabric which is Meltblown. An advanced electret filters using quadruple filtration system and innovative meltblown techniques to block and protect you from harmful small particles.
    •  ⛑ Ideal used for safety of the workers in the field of industry or even in medical services for blocking yellow fine dust and absolutely offering protection when performing quarantine.
    • ⛑ Packed in individual packaging for hygienic purposes with compact packaging design. A 4 layer protection and use of a high quality filter (MB). Flexible earloop band with fuctional Nose support. Stereoscopic trifolding design and aqua-trans technique. 
    • ⛑ Approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Service (MFDS) Made in Korea