Pure Blue KF94 4-Layer Protection from Fine Dust White Mask 10 pcs

🛡️ OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND QUALITY CONTROL - Produced by the company specialized in mask manufacturing: Using the High Quality Filter created by the innovative technology of Phoenix Meditec.

🛡️ COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Trifolding Stereoscopic Design: Our mask covers not only the respiratory system but also the lower jaw and maintains cleanliness as foundation, lipstick, etc are less smeared to the mask.

🛡️ GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high quality filter: Advanced electret filters using a quadruple filtration system filters out 94% 0.4µm particles

🛡️ MB (MELTBROWN) FILTER - Our product uses MB Filter for greater safety and better protection from fine dust

🛡️ Made in South KOREA