Reusable Full Protective Face Shield Visor 12 pcs

    • Face Shield Protects 180° protection on your face from Saliva or any other droplets to avoid spreading it.

    • Reusable, frame and visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfect it with alcohol is highly recommended.

    • Can prevent Cooking fumes injury on the Face (Nose, Eyes & Mouth)

    • Safety Face Shield avoids against splash oil, fine dust, flying debris, sprays & splatters.

    • Make a habit to bring Safety Face Shield when outside to protect you against harmful droplets, to stay healthy & protected.

    • Lightweight and comfortable to use with Anti-Fog lens to keep a clear view.

    • Can be use even if you're wearing eyeglasses

    • Package contains Frames 12pcs & Double Sided Protective film 12pcs (Pack of 12)