[Kids] Airbon Nano Fiber Face Mask for Children 10 pcs (White)

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  • $29.99

Airbon kids masks are produced by a new patented technology known as nano fiber filter.

The nano meter in thickness creates superior permeability, block-ability, and durability.

Made with the highest quality texture feel and design to protect from pollutants, germs and virus.

    • ⭐ NANOFIBER FILTER - Filter Effective in blocking Paticulates at least 0.1μm in size dust and fine particles. 
    • ⭐ COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic three dimensional design covers from the nose to the chine completely, and efficiently blocks the inhaling of the fine-dust through the adhesion structure. 
    • ⭐ THIN & LIGHT - 4.38 grams. Lighter than a sheet a paper. Perfect for the Summer 
    • ⭐ PACKING - 10Pcs in the box, Individual safety packing 
    • ⭐ Made in South Korea 
    •  Brand - Air Queen 
    • 👮 ATTENTION - Please purchase from Original Seller "GreatValueGoodDeals" to assure the quality! 
    • ⭐ Light feather weight for all day comfort 
    • ⭐ Airbon masks are approved and registered with: US FDA, ISO, SGS, REACH & ROHS