Why Buy From Us

Save and Shop with our competitive low prices

Everydayspecial is a company that deals and works directly with the Importer around the world. Our long partnership with them for about 18 yrs give us special ties and relation to get more room to sell cheap and competitive price that no one can ever beat us. We are also a manufacturing Company that specialize with Home Products like Soft & Heavy Mink Blanket, Comforters, Towels, Bath Mats, Food Container, Sheet Set, Curtain, Official Licensed Product etc. You’ll able to see the difference on our prices compared with department stores, retail stores, and other online selling platform. Our Price will surely tell and gives more savings to our customer, so you can shop more and save time.


Shop More and Save Time with Confidence

  • Everydayspecial guarantees your satisfaction with all our products that you purchase from us.
  • Our mark down price will makes you Happy while shopping with us. Most of our competitors can’t beat our Sale Price and doesn’t have an “Excellent Service” to satisfy all valued customer. Order from us and you will see the superior service that we provide.
  • We offer “Special Price” for all product to help our customer to save more. That’s one reason why we are different to some other seller because of our capability to source out our imported and exclusive product around the world.
  • Truly Trusted and Tested, the words that you can say after experiencing to shop on our site. We are not giving any chance to ruin our reputation to sell poor quality and fake ones.
  • Fast and Quick delivery is our main goal for each every order that was placed with us. Our fast and energetic staff will not bring you down to have the late deliveries.
  • Most customers switch to Everydayspecial for shopping because of the 100% Satisfaction experience on the Services that we have hassle free compared with their purchase from other online stores.
  • Grab the opportunity to avail an extra incentive lower price while ordering if you are outside California No Sales Tax!!! Means additional 10% off on our mark down price.
  • NOTE: Order coming from California is subjected to a 10% Sales Tax.

Exclusive Imported Products

  • Our product lines are exclusively imported for Everydayspecial and are not a fancy produced quality.
  • Product selection includes: Bedding, Towels, Mats, Curtain, Houseware, Outdoors, etc. Most of them are exclusively imported by Everydayspecial.


Variety of Options

  • Everydayspecial offers high quality variety of option to choose based on your needs which is available in different colors and sizes. We have special personnel designers to integrate their experience and match any design, color or even fabric to suit for all you need on home product.
  • Our Home Product will surely last and suit your expectation for each every item we sell. This superior level of quality will offer you years of compliments and comfortness.


Informed Customer for Order Made

  • 100% Customer Service Satisfaction is our goal, we’ll not be happy unless our customer is satisfied with our action and services.
  • On placing your order our automated system will send you an e-mail receipt if your order is successfully placed to let you know if it goes through.
  • In addition our system notify you about the shipping confirmation (Tracking No.) via e-mail to let you track your package, in order you to know the status and location of your package.
  • If there’s something wrong with the order such as a credit card decline, backorder, etc. you’ll be getting an emailed within 24 hours or someone on our customer service staff will call you to resolve the issue.


Your Privacy is Safe and Secure

  • Everydayspecial always observed the privacy of our value customers as well as the relationships that we build up with them.
  • We are assuring every customer we have that their information will never show or leak to any other company.