[Glasslock Kids] 7.1oz/210ml Square Yum Yum Baby Food Containers 6-Pcs Set


Looking for the best quality food storage container that is SAFE for you & your family? Here is GLASS LOCK, the brand you can trust!

Keep leftovers and lunch fresh for longer with the Glasslock Food Storage Containers. Made of tempered glass, guaranteeing excellent hardness and durability comparing with general glass and has an absolute airtight function keeping the liquid, moisture and smell inside. This eco-friendly set offers an airtight, leak-proof seal which also eliminates lingering odors.

    • PERFECT SIZE FOR BABY MEAL: Perfect prep size for baby food and keeping foods fresh longer
    • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, OVEN-safe without lid
    • NO MESS: Airtight, leak-proof seal, and stain free
    • FREE: BPA Free, Odor-free and Stain-proof
    • DURABLE: Unique Glass Lock 4-hinge locking system is durability tested for long-lasting
    • EASY TO USE: Easy latching lids secure freshness
      - 3 X Square 7.1 Oz/210ml containers
      - 3 X Square matching lids
    • Made In Korea