Sports Face Mask: Why it's a Better Choice for those Staying Active

This year has been full of changes as we try to navigate the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Many gyms, recreational facilities, and sports arenas are now open but have new guidelines to protect those attending. To protect yourself and those around you, gyms and recreational facilities require you to wear a face mask. Many regulations are now advising that a face mask be worn the entire time you are in the facility. Exercising in a mask can be challenging to get used to. Fortunately, many retailers have adapted the typical face mask and created sports face masks.  Sports face masks offer additional benefits and comforts with an athlete in mind so people can stay safe while staying active.


Sports Face Mask vs. Standard Face Mask


There are many similarities between a sports face mask and your standard face mask, mainly the fact that they both provide a barrier, filtering out particles or droplets from the air you breath in and out.   


  • Fit: When you think of your standard mask, it's typically a loose-fitting, disposable mask. Although a traditional mask may have a wire to bend around your nose, they don't typically fit as well. With movement, talking, or heavy breathing, a mask that does not fit your face is more likely to start sliding down (this is why we often see so many people with a mask under their nose!). A sports face mask provides a more secure fit, so it will stay in place while running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or playing sports. A one size fits all mask just doesn't cut it when playing sports. A sports face mask will have adjustable straps to ensure your mask fits you!


  • Comfort: a standard, one size fits all mask can hurt your ears, nose, and face. Wearing a standard mask for an extended period can cause a lot of discomfort! Sports face masks feature an ergonomic design, so your mask will feel comfortable. With adjustable Velcro straps and soft fabric material, the makes will stay in place, so it won't rub and cause irritation on your ears and face.


  • Cleaner: Many standard masks are made for one-time use; the thing is, most people use them repeatedly, which can be unhygienic. When you are exercising or playing sports, you are breathing heavily. Sweat and droplets can build up behind your mask, which can then cause breakouts and skin irritation. A reusable sports face mask allows you to clean and reuse your mask and replace the carbon filters. By replacing the filters and washing the sports face mask, you ensure you have a clean mask on your face.


  • Sustainable: A reusable sports face mask is significantly more sustainable and better for the environment. Disposable masks are quickly building up in landfills, and birds and animals are getting caught in these standard masks' ear straps. A sports face mask is reusable, and when it is finally time to replace it, it has a thick single strap so birds won't get caught in it.


If you are staying active and want to wear a mask while doing so, a sports face mask will provide you with a better fit and added comfort while also being the more hygienic and the sustainable choice of mask. If you are looking to purchase a sports face mask, everydayspecial has top of the line sports face masks that comes in 6 different colors to choose from as well as replaceable carbon filters.