9 Simple Tips to Organize your Kitchen


Kitchen organization is a trending topic on social media, home shows, reality tv and even on Netflix.  Images of neatly organized pantry cupboards and meticulously displayed food in a refrigerator are marveled at.  Having a well-organized kitchen will save you both time and money.  Strategically organizing your food in food storage containers will make it easy for you to know what you have, reducing waste from expired foods and encouraging healthy eating.  To achieve a professionally organized look in your kitchen, you must organize your food.  Here are 9 simple tips to organizing your kitchen:

  1. Start with one area first; whether that is the refrigerator or pantry. Once one is completely organized you can move on to the next.

  2. Organize items by frequency of use and keep these items near the front so they are easier to access.

  3. Purchase glass food containers to keep food fresh and give your kitchen a clean, uniform look. Food storage containers should have a tight seal and be clear so you can easily see what is inside. Chop up vegetables in advance such as carrot sticks, broccoli or peppers. If you have small children, place their snacks at eye-level so they are easier for them to access. You can place children’s snacks such as string cheese and yogurts in one large glass food storage container. Everydayspecial carries a wide selection of food storage glassware to make kitchen organization easy!

  4. To reduce waste and save money, keep leftovers at the front of the fridge to ensure these are eaten first. Clear food storage glassware is best! Be mindful of expiry dates and throw out expired food. Fish and seafood can last 1 - 2 days, meat can last 2 – 3 days and veggies and grains can last 5-7 days.  If you go grocery shopping, put the new items at the back of the fridge and those that are closer to expiring at the front.

  5. Keep soda cans and beverages neatly in a row with labels facing out. Keep one at the front of the fridge and line the remaining cans behind it.  

  6. Organize items by size with smallest at the front so you can see the larger items behind them.

  7. For dry goods such as pasta or lentils, use taller canisters that can sit on your pantry shelves. Glass food containers work well for this as well.

  8. Line shelves and drawers with linens or paper towels and it will speed up cleaning times.

  9. Don’t forget the freezer! Often the plastic packaging for items like frozen vegetables or fruit does not have a quality seal.  This results in freezer burn and spoiled food.  Place items in food storage glassware to keep it fresh.  

Food storage containers are the secret to a beautifully organized kitchen.  They keep food fresh and are visible and accessible.  Having pre-cut veggies makes healthy snacking easy and keeps meal prep efficient.   Homeware retailers such as everydayspecial offer large sets of food storage containers of various sizes to fit both your dry goods and those items that need to be refrigerated.  Before you begin organizing, make sure you stock up on glass food containers.