Why Blackout Curtains are an Attractive Addition to Your Home


Creating beautiful cozy spaces, is part of what makes a house feel like home. Having a space where you can relax, unwind, and get a goodnight’s sleep is so important. If your bedroom is gleaming with light in the early hours of the morning, you are probably not maximizing your sleeping hours. There’s a reason why hotels use blackout window curtains, it helps ensure guests have the best possible sleep while they are there. Bring the hotel luxuries to your home by using blackout curtains in your bedroom. You’ll thank us later.
Blackout curtains are great for your home because they block out light when you need to,  but can be integrated into the design and décor of your home – helping to bring a room together into a beautiful yet functional space.  Blackout window curtains block 100% of the sunlight and UV Rays from entering your room. If you have a small baby at home or are a shift worker, you know how important this is.
If you’re wondering why blackout curtains are such a great addition to your home, we’ve compiled some of the top benefits.


  1. Blackout curtains are energy efficient
Did you know that 10-25% of thermal energy can be lost from your windows? That’s a concerning fact, but it’s true! By using blackout curtains, you can reduce your energy bill by up to 25%. During the winter, they help keep the heat in the room. In the hot summer season, they protect your room from heating up from the beaming sun by reflecting light out of the room, reducing your air conditioning costs. Whichever season you’re in, blackout window curtains are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home.  The best part is, they are not going to cost you a fortune.  At everydayspecial.com, you can have beautifully designed blackout curtains in your home for well under $70.  The Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Linen Color blackout curtains found here, will totally block outside light and improve the energy efficiency of your home,  while adding to your classy home décor style.

  1. They will help you get a better night’s rest
Blackout window curtains block 100% sunlight and UV Rays from entering your room. That means a better night’s rest for you.  If you are a shift worker, you know how difficult it can be to get a restful sleep during the day. Blackout window curtains take that worry away and will allow you to get your sleeping habits back on track.  This is so important as studies show that shift workers can experience a higher risk of health problems due to poor sleeping habits. Improve your sleep and improve your health. Everydayspecial makes that easy with their beautiful blackout curtains.

  1. They are great for movie nights
Movie nights just aren’t the same with the sunlight streaming in. Creating a dark atmosphere is important for a good movie night. If you’re starting early and want to block out the sunlight, blackout curtains are perfect for your living room or media room decor.

              Having privacy and a good night’s rest is important. Black out curtains can help you get the sleep you deserve so you feel your best. Everydayspecial sells beautiful blackout curtains that will elevate the style of your home. Head over there now and click here to shop!