How to Take Care of Your Glassware?

Glasses are fragile and can break if not handled or properly taken care of. In a Restaurant or Bar, sometimes breakage is unavoidable and accidents happen, but you can minimize breakage of glassware by following these simple directives for both house as well as for restaurant/bar.

Never stack your glasses one above the other

When glassware is stacked, unwanted chafing occurs. This unneeded resistance is not good for your glasses and over time can cause them to break. Stacked glasses are more likely to topple, shattering the entire stack. Carry glasses in a glassware keeper or stacker, as opposed to piling them individually.

Never carry glassware in bouquet setup

While this seems to be a tempting way to carry several glasses at once, over time it does more harm than good. The clinking of glasses makes them weaker and prone to untimely breakage. Use a serving tray instead.

Do not ever add ice to a hot glass

This temperature shock is damaging to the glass as the cold ice in a hot glass makes it more likely to crack or break. If you do not have enough glassware in a restaurant or bar, then you may be forced to use dishes straight from the dishwasher for drink service. Also, these glasses will still be warm and when comes in contact with ice, it will suffer thermal shock.

Never use a glass to carry or store metal spoons and knives

The clinking and banging of the metal flatware decrease the integrity of your glassware and can cause it to crack, chip or break. To avoid this, use a bus tray designed to divide up glassware and flatware for carrying.


Never serve an infusion in a chipped or cracked glass

Not only is this bad for your presentation, but a chip or crack in glass means that the structure has been put on risk. You do not want a glass to break when in use. Discard chipped glasses immediately and replace them with new ones.

How do you keep everything neat and clean? Share your finest tips with us below! Do check out our best baby food containers blog.